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I have received nothing but graciousness, incredible efficiency, and a high level of competence from the wonderful staff at Utila Realty. The concept of buying an international property---on an island, no less---is a bit daunting for any newcomer. I was initially at the intellectual level of Buying International Property for Dummies. Brad explained everything very clearly and carefully regarding titles, surveys, property taxes, closing costs, and legal assessments. He drove me all over the island, honestly telling me the pros and cons of numerous properties. When I felt comfortable and confident enough to make my choice, I left the island basically leaving all of the logistics in their hands. This was such a relief.
Since then, they've gone beyond the role of just being my realtors. They've made a huge effort to introduce me to people on the island, so I've been able to start feeling acclimated and accepted in the Utila community. This effort, of course, is priceless.
I definitely feel very lucky that I chose Utila Realty (Brad, Andi, and Mary).
Lisa Railsback

Being from Alaska, it was not cost effective for me to travel back and forth to finalize my Utila land purchase.  Fortunately, Mary and the rest of the team at Utila Realty came to my rescue!!  They took control to make sure the process kept moving and I was informed of the progress.  Without their assistance I probably would have had to give up on my dream of owning a slice of paradise.  I look forward to working with the Utila Realty team in the future and would recommend their services to anyone.  A top notch company with top notch staff!!


Ludy and I were just speaking last night about how we have never received such excellent service in any arena of life as we have from you. Your attention to details, privacy, confidentiality, ethics, and level of professionalism are par excellence. This sale would never have gone through without your commitment, sense of timing, knowledge, and expertise. I cannot say enough about how dearly we have appreciated all you have done for us under the most difficult of circumstances. Everyone in the family feels the same and I will personally see to it that they each contribute to this testimonial since all have expressed a sincere desire to let you know how impressed we have been with your services.

Sylvia Daple

Last year Utila Realty handled the sale of my lot on the South Shore. They made everything easy from the signing of the sales contract to the transfer of the funds to my account at the end of the sale. I was living in the States and everything was done by telephone, email, or DHL.
I can't say enough about their efficiency, honesty, and keeping me well informed during the entire process. Whether buying or selling on Utila, Utila Realty is the team for me.
Linda Baiz

Our dream was to move to a warm, sunny, beautiful and relaxed tropical island – and we found that in Utila. The next stage of our dream was to buy a house – and we were delighted when we discovered that on Utila we could still buy a piece of beachfront land and afford to design and build our perfect beach home. However, we lived in the UK and so were very nervous of making the wrong decisions, not asking the right questions or getting caught out by local legislation or complexities. We wanted to ensure that our hard eared money remained secure until we bought the land but who would guide us through this?
That is where Utila Realty and Brad, Andi and Mary came into their own. We found them to be honest, straightforward and highly professional people who cared about the island and us and wanted us to make the right choices. They gave us all the options, flagged all the things we needed to think about, guided us through every aspect  of the purchase and made the whole process of deciding and purchasing simple and enjoyable. We never felt “sold” to or pressurized and always felt they had our best interests at heart.
We have now made the permanent move to Utila and our beautiful beach house is almost complete. (Ahead of schedule and in budget!) - and we love it.  The process of moving here and settling since we arrived has been facilitated by the warmth, friendship, support and help offered to us by Brad, Andi and Mary. They’ve given us invaluable advice and have welcomed us into the community.
For anyone thinking of Utila as somewhere to live (whether permanently or just for vacations) – we would say “dive in”, you won’t regret it as long as you do it with Utila Realty. We would be happy to share our experiences with you if you have any questions – feel free to ask for our contact details – and we hope to see you in Utila soon!
Sarah and Dec Dowdall