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Brad at Utila Realty helped our family buy a beach house in March of 2007.  We are extremely happy with the way Brad handled negotiating, closing the transaction, and title.  Brad carefully explained every step of the process to us, and made buying foreign property seem easy.   He and his wife Andi even helped get the property listed as a vacation rental.  The house has been generating income since we bought it.  I am amazed at Brad's commitment to his clientele, his knowledge of the local real estate process, and his integrity.

Sanborn family

Since before my wife and I were married we dreamed of owning beachfront property somewhere tropical. We began searching on our own – Mexico, Belize, Panama and the list goes on – but the more we looked, the more complicated it seemed. Beachfront property was scarce and anything that was available was way out of our price range or in an area where ownership of land was not altogether secure. Then we met Andi who told us about living in Utila and introduced us to Brad and Mary at Utila Realty.
We told Brad we were looking for land to build a vacation home with the potential to be an income property. He took us around to each listing that might fit our criteria and some that he thought would be of interest – even just to compare and see what we’d get for our money on Utila. Utila Realty was unlike any real estate company we've ever dealt with – dedicated, honest and noticeably looking out for us, the customer and not for themselves or the commission. They walked us through the in's and out's of buying land in Honduras and happily answered any questions we had to ensure we were more than confident about our purchase.
We are now officially part of the Utila community and living the dream – all thanks to Brad, Andi and Mary at Utila Realty.
Tim and Melinda

I've been coming to Honduras and the Bay Islands for 15 years. Over that time, I've seen the effects of foreign investment on Roatan. Due to the delicate ecosystem of the reefs, I cringe at development that doesn't take into account the values of mangroves and the damaging effects of runoff from clearing land. Feeling a bit protective of my favorite hideaway Utila, I'd often thought of buying a slice to try to protect at least a little tiny bit. (And also of course there is the benefit of having a winter getaway) Seeing almost the whole South Shore for sale made me act. When I started pursuing it, what drew me to Utila Realty was that Andi and Brad are Marine Biologists. It couldn't have been more perfect. I felt like their first priority is the Island and although development is never what land needs, they are excellent stewards and examples of trying to do it responsibly. They have a wealth of knowledge on solar power (an excellent option on an island that looses power frequently) and even composting toilets! Mary is I think one of the kindest people I've ever met, honestly. I don't think one second of her smile is for business, it just radiates from within. I felt guilty for all of the extra questions extraneous to the actual sale, but Mary never hesitated to help. In addition, they draw you into the community and are well connected on the island to put you in touch with anyone you may need to contact. I feel better about Utila development if Utila Realty is leading the helm. Future South Shore Resident,

We cannot say enough about how amazing Utila Realty has been to work with. We were so excited to buy on Utila, but were terrified about the process as well. Brad and Mary made it so easy and constantly reassured us about the process, answered all of our questions, no matter how ridiculous, and never seemed to lose patience with us. I had never wired money anywhere before, much less to some island in the Carribbean, so it was especially reassuring to be able to sit at the bank with one or both of them on the phone talking me through it to ensure that our savings got to where it needed to go. Even prior, though, Brad showed us multiple properties and listened to what we really wanted, spent time showing us construction and building hints, and even took us to his own house to show how to build in Utila for use, ease, and air flow. All of this was a full 6 months before we actually chose a property and decided to start the buying process. Even now, we feel so lucky to have these wonderful people as a resource to learn the ways of island life as we embark on this next phase of our lives. Thanks Utila Realty for helping us realize our dream and making it seem so easy!
Christine and Rodney Brinkley

We were very impressed with Utila Realty. The team was very professional, with a personal touch which we appreciated very much especially because we were buying in a foreign country. What we appreciated is that they knew there stuff, laws and legalities were all done efficiently and correctly. We now have our beautiful piece of property which we are enjoying thoroughly. Even when the deal was finished and we had questions Brad, Andi or Mary came to our assistence no problem. We would highly reccommend Utila Realty, for us buying and selling, the only one for us.

Bruce and Sarah